Helkama Jopo Children's Bicycle 12"

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In the 1960's the Finnish company Helkama developed the Jopo bicycle. The original design was constructed of two shapes cut out of steel plates that were then pressed and connected together.
In 2000 Helkama re-introduced the Jopo, modeling the new bike after the original but with a few modern updates. It has quickly become one of the most popular bicycles in Finland. With its comfy upright position, high handlebars and cute colors the children's Jopo is the perfect bicycle to transition from a push bike to a pedal bike.

Available in Yellow only

Rider should be at least 90cm/34" to ride and up to 120 cm/47"
Adjustable seat height and handle-bar
Back-pedal coaster brake
12" Wheel
Weighs 22 lbs.