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About Us

We are a family run company based out of Phoenix Arizona with a passion for British made bicycles and accessories.   The core of our company's offerings are heritage brands still handmade in England today.

We want to encourage people of all ages and abilities to ride a bike!

We believe in beautiful, quality products that stand the test of time.

We believe in supporting small family run companies that treat their craftspeople well.

About our brands:

Pashley Cycles

Timeless style, hand craftsmanship, and functionality is why we love Pashley Cycles products.  We call them heirloom bicycles, as they will last for generations to come.   All Pashley Bicycles are manufactured by artisans using traditional materials and designs to create for you a pure cycling experience. Pashley bicycles have been hand crafted in Stratford Upon Avon England since 1926.       We are privileged to be able to share them with you.

Moulton Bicycles

Alex Moulton’s redesign of the bicycle was inspired by the redesign of the motorcar with the classic Mini.  Not only did Alex Moulton design the suspension system for the Mini, but applied that knowledge and design process towards the traditional bicycle.  Fifty years later we have the Moulton Bicycle Company.  Moulton Bicycles are handmade in Bradford upon Avon, England and are a riding experience all their own.  Small wheels, high pressure tires and full suspension are what make these bicycles unique.  Oh and by the way, some models seperate and pack up nicely in a suitcase.  

Carradice of Nelson 

Carradice of Nelson is a small family run bicycle bag manufacturer located in Nelson, England.  Carradice uses locally sourced materials for their quality bags such as 100% waterproof cotton duck cloth, vegetable tanned leather and handwoven Harris Tweed. Carradice has a commitment to lower their carbon footprint and has recently installed solar panels to run their sewing machines. They have also created a new up-cycled line of bicycle bags called UPSO that are made from salvaged lorry tarps, seat belts and British fire hose.  Each piece is unique and signed by the crafts women who sew them.

Various models are in-stock and ready to ship to you in North America.  Please contact us if you have any questions on these products.  The latest catalog is available for viewing in the Catalogs section of this website.

For more information you can contact us at:

British Bicycle Company
2001 W North Ln
Suite F
Phoenix, AZ  85021
(602) 903-7852